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What is this shortcut symbol?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:14 pm
by rgerbernyc
Hi guys, I use a magic keyboard with a micro panel, recently I was looking up the shortcut to reset all grades and nodes and I have no idea what that shortcut symbol is supposed to be nor can I seem to find it via google search. Can someone enlighten me to what the arrow with the horizontal line is supposed to represent? I don't have a full-sized keyboard so it maybe elsewhere. For instance, for home and end, I have to hold down function + the left or right arrow keys.

This is driving me nuts, so any help would be appreciated.


Re: What is this shortcut symbol?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:04 am
by roger.magnusson
That's the Home key. It used to be printed that way on the full sized keyboards, but now it just says "Home". Or maybe it's a regional thing.

Re: What is this shortcut symbol?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:53 pm
by rgerbernyc
Thank you. Now I can use that shortcut. :)

Re: What is this shortcut symbol?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:19 am
by Marc Wielage
I would be very careful with the "Reset Nodes" commands -- this can screw you very quickly. I actually prefer to use them as menu commands for the simple reason that they're so dangerous. If you lasso 200 clips and hit "reset All Grades and Nodes," you can lose a whole bunch of work very quickly, and it's not easily undoable. Use caution.