Decklink mini recorder 4K - dropping from windows and BSOD

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Decklink mini recorder 4K - dropping from windows and BSOD

PostSat Jan 18, 2020 1:19 am

Hey guys,

I’ve contacted support about this but they can’t seem to find the issue with this so I am asking here as I’ve spent 6 days trying to fix this now... sent dx-diags etc

I bought a decklink Mini recorder 4K card to connect my Atem TV studio Hd to run live streams (and full res recordings).

Anyway, my computer does one of 3 things
1) the card doesn’t initialise at all
2) the card disconnects from windows drivers after between 1-35minutes (random)
3) the card disconnects from windows driver and then gives me the BSOD saying there’s an IR equal problem with BlackmagicIO.sys

I’m in a completely fresh install of Windows 10 pro 64 bit on the latest driver set with everything up to date.

i7 4770k
Gigabyte Z87x-UD5H motherboard
32GB ram
MSI RX750 8GB graphics card

I’ve tried multiple PCI slots, I’ve tried forcing the PCI slots to 4x thus not to interfere with the Graphics card, I’ve tried every compatible set of drivers from 10.8 to the recent. I’ve tried the SDI and the HDMI, in different frame rates and different formats (SD/HD) both progressive and interlaced.

I’m starting to believe that the card is broken because the fan on it doesn’t activate on startup (is this normal?) but please, save my sanity.


John Browne

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