Feature request for pre-grading purpose

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Feature request for pre-grading purpose

PostTue Sep 18, 2012 10:08 am

I have a feature request which I will send to Blackmagick but wanted to hear your ideas. Where I am, we do alot of grading on top of VFX work which is challenging when coming to colorspaces and neutralising. So here is my suggestion :

A new node in davinci which is 100% geared towards CDL values. Which means no keying options, not transform option etc. Only 3 different values :
(We have seen problems with translating Saturation correctly)

And then the option to reverse it.

It will have 2 purposes :
1. If you want to generate CDL values it's impossible to go outside the box of CDL (idiot-proof)
2. When getting back VFX work which has the CDL values burned in, you can just use the reverse option.

This is the scenario I imagine :
1. Technical grading burned in to OpenEXR's given to the VFX artist which also transforms it into rec709 colorspace.
2. VFX work is done on top of the rec709 material back into rec709 OpenEXR's.
3. Grading takes the frames and have the option to take the old technical grading node and select the reverse option to get it back into the original colorspace (eg. Log-C).
4. Everyone is happy! :)

What do you guys think?

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