Monitoring signal and port compatibility

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Jean Paul Sneider

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Monitoring signal and port compatibility

PostFri Mar 20, 2020 1:15 pm

I am setting up a new resole machine. I will need to be able to monitor aiming to monitor 4K HDR.
My monitor would be a EIZO CG 3145.
Notes: Eizo monitor input HDMI only up to 422. Need displayport for 444. As output only has USB.
A client monitor too will have to be in place.

What decklink would work? If any. A decklink minimonit with a HDMI to Displayport converter? I How would I get to a client monitor? I cannot find any blackmagic suitable hardware.
Decklink studio 4k has more output but doesn't state that HDR is supported and seems to stop to UHD not 4K. Maybe the 8k Pro with a couple of teranex one SDI to displayport and one sdi to hdmi/displayport for client monitor?

Thansk in advance for any help
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james tell

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Re: Monitoring signal and port compatibility

PostTue Mar 24, 2020 3:57 pm

Me too, would like to know more about this. As I read the Dobly Vision, on Netflix, I get more and more frustrated. I havet to ask for( order), and probably pay for a licence !?

I read in the manual tho`.that to get a proper signal out from D.R when aiming for the HDR( like I do)
you need the

from the maual :
HDR Mastering is for: If you have a DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G or an UltraStudio 4K Extreme video interface, then DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and above can output the metadata necessary to correctly display HDR video signals to display devices using HDMI 2.0a when you turn on the “Enable HDR metadata over HDMI” checkbox in the Master Project Settings

I also want to know if this Atomos NEON will be accepted fro Netflix as a "class A" grading monitor .

For me, it seems like the industry ty to protect themself with licences and not obtainable gear,( too expansive) and other things; SONY has licence for certain codec, Arri, can only be rented( for insane prices) The bid indutry is afraid that small people, the creators on " the floor " us, the guy on the street that shough the craft ourself, is taking over. Like f.esks what happened in music indutry. Record companies had to rethink their models after CD and Vinyl did not sell. Hopfully we go in another direction in Film. Cos what happenden in music indutry. A grop of D.J friends at Spotify , totally ruining music ! with garbage- EDM crap ! and to get to å list you wil have to be someones friend or pay to play !!! ( I just had to say that :))

I hop you advice me , if you have some updatees in the HDR setup, and workflow :)
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