P4K/P6K Metadata resetting in Premiere?

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P4K/P6K Metadata resetting in Premiere?

PostMon Mar 23, 2020 10:40 am

I had a graded project sent over to me by the main editor and everything was great. Then few saves/reloads of premiere later, the Camera Metadata in Effects Controls got reset back to original settings. I then have to go to original project I was sent over and copy those settings over so my grade looks right.

Any reason for this weird resetting bug in Premiere? Are the settings updated in sidecar and the sidecar in scratch/cache folders?

Il post this on Adobe forums too, more suitable there but just encase anyone knows here.
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Re: P4K/P6K Metadata resetting in Premiere?

PostThu Mar 26, 2020 12:31 am

Are you talking about Blackmagic RAW here? Are you using version 1.7 of the plugin?
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Re: P4K/P6K Metadata resetting in Premiere?

PostThu Mar 26, 2020 8:07 am

If you only imported your .braw once in Premiere Pro then each Source Settings has a unique .braw no one else is attached to, so you can export sidecar for all your source settings, it will write a .sidecar next to each .braw

What are you using to copy the RAW settings ? Try not to use Premiere Pro presets, see our article here https://www.autokroma.com/blog/Introduction-to-BRAW-Studio/ and it probably applies to Blackmagic plugin too !


How to copy Source Settings from one clip to another

In Premiere Pro effects, there are 2 ways of applying existing effect parameters to another. The "Copy/Paste" feature and the "Preset" feature.
The save/apply preset feature of Premiere Pro should not be used with BRAW Studio, and could involved undesired effects.

So in order to apply the parameters from one clip to another one :

Go to its Source Settings
select the effect and use the shortcut "Ctrl + C" (Cmd + C on Mac) to copy (you can also right-click on the Effect name and select "copy")

then in the project panel you can select one OR many clips and use the shortcut "Ctrl + V" (Cmd + V on Mac) to apply the BRAW Parameters on these clips !

Note : the available ISO List could differ from the clip you copy the params to the clip you paste them ! In this case, if the ISO is not available in the second list, there will be blue popup which will appear at the bottom right of Premiere Pro, saying that ISO has been set to the lowest value possible under the original ISO value.
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