Ultrastudio odd issue

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Ultrastudio odd issue

PostWed Mar 25, 2020 5:33 pm


well with not much to do at the moment i thought i'd work through my "to do" list

I have a mac mini which i sometimes use a Ultrastudio recorder or player on, both work great. I've just brought a second hand Ultrastudio 3D express this works fine and is running on the latest drivers (11.5).

Here is the odd bit, the mac mini also runs Boot-camp (Windows 10), the Ultrastudio 3D isn't recognised by Desktop, to start with i thought it might be Thunderbolt driver related but both the recorder and player work fine!! (using 11.5) I tried going back to a slightly earlier driver (11.1) that didn't work, then all the way back to the first driver that supported Windows 10 (10.4.3) and that didn't work either. Now at a complete loss as to why.

Any advice or answers most welcome.

All the best


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