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Power Windows Broken with BRAW Anamorphic Footage

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:36 pm
by ryantidrick
After de-squeezing BRAW anamorphic footage by changing the pixel aspect ratio to "CinemaScope" in the clip attributes, power windows no longer work properly in the Color tools.

See these reference images:



I realized what is happening is the window is applied on the original square-pixel squeezed footage, not the post-aspect ratio changed footage.

I have only found two time consuming workarounds:

1. Switch back to Square pixel aspect ratio, adjust the power window, and then apply CinemaScope aspect ratio.
2. Render out the footage as flat uncompressed DPX in the correct aspect ratio and then grade the rendered file.

Neither of those choices are ideal for a wide number of reasons. Does anyone know an easier solution to force power windows to apply post-aspect ratio conversion? Or is this order of operations unchangeable?

Or is this a feature that can be added to a future release of Resolve?