In Resolve 16 the picture from DeckLink comes green

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Zakhar Bykov

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In Resolve 16 the picture from DeckLink comes green

PostWed Jul 29, 2020 6:00 pm

I have a problem with “Resolume Arena” 6th version (the same problem exists in 4th and 5th versions) and capture cards from Blackmagic Design (in this particular case with “Decklink Mini Recorder 4k” and with “DeckLink Duo 2.” (I've only tested on these two capture cards, so I can't tell if there is this problem with other capture cards from this or other manufacturers.)

I have a “Decklink Mini Recorder 4k” capture card in my computer. I receive a signal from ATEM (also from Blackmagic) to it via SDI cable.
ATEM works in mode 1080 50i, card settings in "Desktop Video Setup" is 1080 50i. In Resolume card source 1080 50i.

From the card I grab a picture in the Resolume program.
In Resolume, the picture from ATEM comes green, very green, although in ATEM and on cameras the picture is absolutely normal and realistic.
In Resolume, I tried different options from the suggested “Color Spaces” (REC 709 and REC 2020) - they all make the picture green.
I set “Color Range” to “Full RGB”.
In the internet I did not find answers to this question, I climbed all the forums - it is dumb.

I also tried to capture the signal from this card in the vMix program, the picture in it is normal, there is no green. vMix uses the UYVY codec.

Has anyone encountered such a problem? Maybe you can download some codecs for Resolume, or solve it somehow using plugins.

P.S. I am using an empty project. I do not apply any effects to the composition, layers and the source from the card. Completely clean project.

Howard Roll

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Re: In Resolume 6 the picture from DeckLink comes green

PostThu Jul 30, 2020 9:16 am

Data “full” level RGB is incorrect. Sdi is going to be YCbCr @ video level 99% of the time.

The problem you’re reporting sounds exactly like a rgb/yrb color space issue.

Recheck, reset, reboot.

I’ve used all these bits in the past with no issue save the massive lag.

Good Luck

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