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Reconform Problem = Won't work with Proxy

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:04 am
by GonzagueGB

Everyone, I have a weird problem that maybe some of you could help fix.

I record some BRAW footage alongside a Lave mic and a boom mic and I synched everything. Now I want to send a Proxy version of my project to a friend I am working with.

For some reason, the first timeline worked just fine, remove conform locked, reconform the timeline and pointing with the Proxy file, and everything then well. The BRAW was changed into MOV and audio as well.

I created another timeline for another part of the project and, repeat the same thing and now only half of the BRAW are turned into MOV and while other files are not (a proxy file exist for each of course) and got the following error message : The source media clips in the selected bins are not able to conform the timeline.

What am I doing wrong.

Also, I find it a bit annoying that when you synch external audio everything turn from WAV to BRAW or MOV, is there another way to keep this from happening and have something similar to FCPX or Pr? Now I am not capable to find the matching external audio track as everything has been renamed.

Note: Why I am not sending the BRAW files to that person? Well he is not living next to me and 2TB worth of data will take quite sometimes for him to download.

Thank you for your kind help on this one.