Media Express "not responding"

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Media Express "not responding"

PostWed Sep 23, 2020 1:44 pm

I have Media Express 3.6.1 installed on my Win10 PC, and am using in conjunction with a PCI Intensity Pro capture card. I start the capture process with Media Express in full screen mode. Sometimes, after say 20 minutes or so, I will come back to the PC, and Media Express will be in a smaller (non full screen) window, and not responding. When I go to Task Manager, it reports Media Express as not responding.

The interesting thing is that the capture and record process continues to work just fine. For example, if I am capturing a 30 minute video, and the program stops responding at 20 minutes, if I wait until the video is complete at 30 minutes, then use Task Manager to kill Media Express, the full 30 minute video is completely captured and stored on disk. So the fact that Media Express stops resonding is more of an annoyance than a fatal bug.

I7 @3.6mhz, 32G RAM, W7100 GPU, Intensity Pro 4K capture and display card
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