DaVinci's timeline zooming in and out characteristics.

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DaVinci's timeline zooming in and out characteristics.

PostThu Sep 24, 2020 2:34 pm

Hey, is it only me that hates DaVinci's timeline zooming characteristics?

Ok, lemme explain. I am a Premiere Pro User and I might say that one of the major reasons that I can not integrate to DaVinci for editing is timeline zooming. I used to use in Premiere where you can zoom in to where is your mouse corsair pointing. You can move your mouse and zoom in and out wherever you want in the timeline. But unfortunately in DaVinci it will zoom in/out to where is your playhead pointing. You have to move your playhead first to where you want to zoom in and out and then you can go ahead and zoom in/out. And it's really annoying and time consuming.

And it's so jaggy when you zoom in and out. But in Premiere it flows so smoothly when you zoom in/out and the jumping timeline is not bothering you whereas in DaVinci it's jumping from one size to another as you zoom in or out.

I believe there might be some users that already used to this characteristics and are comfortable with how it works, but users like me that are coming from Premiere hate this. I can not even edit a small and short clips in Davinci only because of that function.

I'd be grateful to see that added as an option to toggle between the two choices.

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