Video Assist audio record levels too low

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Video Assist audio record levels too low

PostWed Oct 14, 2020 8:25 am

I've re-posted here from General, as this seems a more appropriate place. I'm in desperate need of an answer.

Hi all, I have a 7" 12G Video Assist and something seems to have happened to the audio record input levels.
I don't ever recall there being an issue before but now regardless of set up I cannot use it.
I've updated to the latest firmware, rolled back to the previous firmware and changed mics and leads and inputs. Despite this I cannot get a signal in above -30db. The input level slider seems to make no difference. Phantom is on when appropriate and all equipment checks out ok when hooked up directly to the camera or a field recorder. I cannot fathom what's going on. Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?

Thanks, Ben

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