Dual monitor with Imac Pro

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Blaine Suque

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Dual monitor with Imac Pro

PostFri Nov 20, 2020 4:58 am

I am currently doing all of my Editing in Davinci Resolve on my 2018 Imac Pro base model.

I have an additional LG 4k monitor (LG 27UD58-B 27") I use side by side with my Imac Pro

It has some settings for adjustment, but i havent been able to find anything remotely close to match my Imac pro 5k retna screen.

I have done some research and all i see is people saying to calibrate your monitors. I have never done this before. Does anyone else have a similar situation that can lend some advice? I am open to getting a new monitor but dont have a huge budget for a professional color grading monitor.

Is there a way to just calibrate my LG monitor to match my Imac pro?

I was thinking of selling the current monitor and getting the LG ultrafine 5k, seems to be a popular monitor pair with newer macs.

Thanks for any tips and help in advance.
Blaine Suque


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