DeckLink Studio doesn't work in MacPro 2012

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DeckLink Studio doesn't work in MacPro 2012

PostWed Sep 26, 2012 2:24 pm


I have a brand new MacPro 2012 (12-Core 2.4 GHz)
with a Blackmagic DeckLink Studio Card installed in the PCI-Express Slot 4.
I think during installation nothing went wrong and
I've installed all the software (Desktop Video 9.6.4 for Macintosh).

The first time I started up the Computer the card worked fine.
A few minutes later the MacPro lost the SDI-Input signal and the DeckLink card
didn't even show up in the system profile anymore.
I restarted the Computer, completely reinstalled Mac OS X 10.8, nothing helped!

Then I put the card in PCI-Slot 2 and again it showed up perfectly.
A few minutes later - same story: The DeckLink Card is gone from the system profile and the MacPro acts like only the standard ATI-Radeon 5770 is installed and PCI Slots 2-4 are empty.

Any suggestions what the problem might be?
- OS X issue?
- Hardware Problem with the DeckLink-Card?
- Hardware problem with my PCI-Slots?
- others...?

Thanks for any help or advice!!!



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Re: DeckLink Studio doesn't work in MacPro 2012

PostMon Oct 01, 2012 4:33 pm

Short Update:

After de- and reinstalling the driver (Desktop Video 9.6.4 for Macintosh) and the DeckLink Studio Card it worked perfectly again until i turned off the MacPro.

After restart the Blackmagic-Card is gone again.
At least it seems to be a software- and not a hardware-issue.

BTW: The MacPro makes lots of other funky things.
Called Apple support today and they couldn't help.
Anyway, seems like the problem is on their side...

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