Ultra Studio Monitior TB3 to TB2 Options

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Ultra Studio Monitior TB3 to TB2 Options

PostTue Jan 12, 2021 10:37 pm


I recently purchased the Ultra Studio Monitor 3G for grading in Resolve over the SDI connection into my Mac Pro 2013 trashcan. Unfortunately I didn't do my homework as I didn't realise that Apple's Thunderbolt TB3 to TB2 adaptor needs to be plugged into a power source for it to work. It now seems that I have to purchase a TB3 powered hub for in and around €300 along with the adaptor (along with 2 extra TB cables for daisy chain) to complete the set up. All the peripherals now look like coming in at 4 times the price of the Monitor itself.
I'm now thinking would it actually be better to buy an external PCIe enclosure (assuming there is a TB2 version) and throwing a DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K in there which will probably not be too far off the price of the above set up with the added benefit of not being restricted to 2k with the Ultra Studio?
Anyone have any experience with any of the above or any recommendations?

Thanks in advance


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