Hyperdeck shuttle: importing into Avid ?

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Hyperdeck shuttle: importing into Avid ?

PostThu Sep 27, 2012 8:57 pm

When copying over clips directly from the SSD...is there a hidden file directory that I need to make sure is copied over? I transfered all clips to another drive but now we are having problems importing into Avid. Did I miss something?

They seem to import fine from the original SSD.

any info would be great!


Neil Adamson

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Re: Hyperdeck shuttle: importing into Avid ?

PostSun Sep 30, 2012 6:56 pm


I have been doing some tests with this

If you capture as a DNxHD mov file and your project is 50i then MC does not play nicely with the captured file.
It will not fast import and nor will it be natively editable via AMA - i.e. I could import it as an AMA file but playback on my machine was terrible.

You either have to transcode the AMA file to a 50i compatible DNxHD format (my project settings were DNxHD 120) or import it in which case it does the same thing - i.e. it converts the file on import to the correct DNxHD format for that project.

But - if you set the Shuttle to capture MXF files then it is very quick to get the files into AMC:
Copy the MXF files to the Media Files / 01 (or any number) directory
Open the Media Tools utility in AMC and- drag the file from the media tool directly to a bin and all seems to work fine.
Remember to copy both the audio and the video files into the Media Files Directory and then when looking for them - select only master clips.

I am continuing with the testing - got a shoot tomorrow and will be recording as DNxHD MXF files


Michael Moosbrugger

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Re: Hyperdeck shuttle: importing into Avid ?

PostMon Oct 01, 2012 9:45 am

Hi Neil,

we work with the MXF files and MC for several months already and didn't face any problems.
actually it would be nice, if the files are stored in the according directory (Avid Medifales/MXF/1) so MC could directly use the SSD for editing without the need to move the files.

only exporting MXF files out of MC to play'em back with the hyperdeck is tricky.

Regards M.
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