Intensity Shuttle Capture and Playback Issues

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Intensity Shuttle Capture and Playback Issues

PostTue Feb 23, 2021 2:51 am

I have a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB on my Windows 10 PC. I'm trying to capture video via the composite analog input, and have configured the settings in Desktop Video Setup appropriately. When I launch Blackmagic Media Express, I can see the to-be-captured video being output over the HDMI and S-Video outputs of the Shuttle. When I press the capture button, a clip is generated, but no video is recorded. The clip reports itself as being 0 seconds long and has a totally black picture. If I try to play the clip in Media Express, the program crashes. I've checked my capture drive using the Disk Speed Test and it should be more than adequate for the task. I've disabled all of the "stop capture on dropped frame" options in Media Express.

I've heard that the Shuttle is finicky about USB controllers. This is an older machine that uses an Etron EJ168 for USB 3.0 (now called USB 3.2 Gen1. 5 Gbps).

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