Blackmagic Audio Monitor (Original) - Level A

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Andy Coulthurst

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Blackmagic Audio Monitor (Original) - Level A

PostSat Mar 20, 2021 11:55 am

A simple request - any chance of Level A support ?
I have no need to upgrade to a 12G model to get this as all my infrastructure is 6G max.

I know I could send the request to technical support - but perhaps other want to chime in and request.
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Glenn Sakatch

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Re: Blackmagic Audio Monitor (Original) - Level A

PostSun Apr 04, 2021 8:44 pm

Unfortunately your request goes against the path of many hardware manufactures like BM. Release a product, wait a year or two, improve it by releasing a new version. If all they did was offer free firmware upgrades, then nobody would buy the new version.

I'm still in shock they haven't done a paid upgrade for Resolve since i bought the original version from BM.

On the hardware side, unfortunately, none of us are quite as lucky. Within a year or two, support for it is gone, and we have to look at the newer model if we want an upgrade.

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