DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K + Big Sur = Audio problems

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DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K + Big Sur = Audio problems

PostTue Apr 13, 2021 5:30 pm

DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K
Desktop Video 12
MacOS 11.2.3

- In the middle of a session I seemingly randomly lose audio output via HDMI (silence)
-- A soft-reboot does not fix
-- A hard power cycle usually fixes

- Often video throughout the system (Quicktime, Chrome, etc.) will beginning to play insanely quickly. I must force quit the Core Audio process to restore normal operations. (This was also the case with previous Catalina OS.)

- Often after reboot, the DeckLink displays a red screen until I launch Resolve, after which the colors are all wrong (as if RGB are out of order.) Unplugging and reseating the HDMI cord fixes.

Based on Googling, at least the Core Audio problem seems to be common, and long standing over several versions of Desktop Video and MacOS.

Are fixes being developed? This is a real productivity killer...I'm tempted to go back to monitoring via the desktop GPU.
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