BM MiniConverter SDI to HDMI 6G not down converting

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David Fuller

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BM MiniConverter SDI to HDMI 6G not down converting

PostWed Apr 14, 2021 9:28 pm

The title pretty much says it. I'm feeding the MiniConverter a UHD SDI signal from a BM Decklink Studio 4K, and feeding an Osee LCM215 HD monitor via HDMI. The MiniConverter will not down convert to a signal the monitor can recognize.

If I output HD from the Decklink, the MiniConverter converts it to HDMI the monitor can handle reliably, at pretty much any frame rate I'd want to use. If I output 2K, the MiniConverter converts it to HDMI, but does not downscale, so the monitor sees a center cut. If I output UHD from the Decklink, the monitor gets an unrecognizable signal, regardless of frame rate.

I suspected cabling, but the setup works perfectly if I replace the MiniConverter with an Atomos Shogun.

Any ideas?
David Fuller
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