Mini / Micro Converter SDI lock problem

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Mini / Micro Converter SDI lock problem

PostFri Apr 16, 2021 11:22 am


I have 4 different SDI-to-HDMI converters from Black magic Design. The SDI source is 1080p30.

The converters are:

a. Micro Converter SDI-to-HDMI
b. Micro Converter SDI-to-HDMI 3G
c. Mini Converter UpDownCrossHD
d. SDI-to-Analog

The Micro Converter SDI-to-HDMI (a) and SDI-to-Analog (d) get SDI lock on the signal and video output on HDMI.

The Micro Converter SDI-to-HDMI 3G (b) and Mini Converter UpDownCrossHD (c) do not get SDI lock on the signal or video output on HDMI. Both converters have latest SW installed (7.5.2).

Any ideas why (b) and (c) not get SDI lock?
What is required to get SDI lock (electrical, clock, data content...) ?

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