UltraStudio 4K Mini - HDR workflow

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UltraStudio 4K Mini - HDR workflow

PostWed Apr 21, 2021 5:55 pm

Hey everyone,
tried to address this issue a couple times without success including direct support so hopefully now I can get some clarification.

If you use the Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Mini and have a HDR capable monitor that is directly plugged into your I/O, I'd like to hear your experience whether your monitor needs a re-handshake when switching from HDR to SDR, meaning if your monitor automatically switches back to SDR or whether it stays in HDR until you feed it another signal.

Currently, my issue is that my either LG OLED and Reference monitor both automatically switch from SDR to HDR when working i.e. in a color managed project however, when switching back to SDR, the HDR metadata stays intact so the monitors don't switch back (it's a pain for Oled TV's as there's no quick easy way to manually switch to REC709).

When throwing a Teranex 8K HDR in the signal chain, it does switch back and forth without any issues so there must be a communication issue between the 4K Mini and the monitor.

Would love to hear about your experience and workarounds.
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