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Does UpDownCross converter works as screen extender as well?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2021 2:54 pm
by Madai Sanchez
Hello, my 2020 27" iMac does not have 1080i output resolution. Only 1080p. I want to convert it to 1080i 60hz but I need the two display outputs from the same iMac to be converted at the same time to 1080i 60hz so both outputs can be connected to my ATEM switcher with a 1080i 60hz resolution. I am looking to get a black magic updowncross converter, but I do not know if the converter can convert two signals at the same time, or if it is able to take one output from the iMac, scale it and then duplicate it into two independent 1080i 60hz outputs.

Any thoughts??