Aaton Delta Penelope footage bug in Resolve 9

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Tony diroom

Aaton Delta Penelope footage bug in Resolve 9

PostTue Oct 02, 2012 9:53 am

Hi all,

We've been doing tests on the DNG frames from the new Aaton Delta Penelope. You need an upgrade to the latest Resolve version to be able to see the footage properly, which is fine.

However we have come across a bug that seems to affect the white balance RAW settings.
When you attempt a custom white balance, the image tint jumps to a yellowish hue, and then stays there.

Even when you go back to "As shot" settings, or other white balance options, you can see some change, but the yellow hue remains. Only fix was to do a full reset, or in worst case, restart resolve.

Has anyone come across this?

Also, the scopes bug still seems to be there in this new version (Where it doesn't respond to changes you make, until you tinker with the actual scopes window by for instance switching the size of it, or the view)

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