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BRAW Player issues

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2021 9:08 pm
by m_magowski
Hello there! Thank you for your continued work on making BRAW snappy and easy to use. Unfortunately, there are some bugs that are present in the current 2.2 (and previous) versions of the software. Drivers and system patches are up-to-date. My configuration is i7-5960X (8 cores), 64GB of RAM, RTX 2070 Super.

Please take a look at these:

1) Screen saver turns on during playback.

2) Screen goes black when going to fullscreen mode on a 120Hz display. Maximized window works without problems.

3) Footage starts strobing when the GPU scheduling option is enabled in Windows 10.

Also, it would awesome if you could add the following features:

A) Auto-playback when opening a file.

B) Batch / playlist playback of multiple clips.

C) Ability to turn implemented LUTs on and off.

Best regards,