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12.2.2 on M1

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2022 3:08 pm
by shamer
Went back several pages in the forum to check but didn't see any topics that stood out so I apologize if this has been discussed and I missed it.

Currently running Desktop Video 12.2 on an M1 with Ultrastudio 3G with Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.2. Except for the ever present & never-fixed frame rate issues in Premiere, this has otherwise been working for me to display output on an SDI monitor.

Is it advisable to upgrade to 12.2.2? Anyone on M1 Macs have new issues crop up? What exactly was fixed with this update?

Afraid to upgrade to Monterey as things currently "work" - at least enough to functionally complete projects... - so also worried that an upgrade to Desktop Video 12.2.2 will break things.

Thanks in advance for replies...