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Create new master clips in media pool

PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2023 5:42 pm
by hankyyy
Hi All,

I'm VFX editing a massive show. I have 3 x servers with >400TB of footage. Every time I bring in a Premiere XML (as a "Timeline"), DaVinci prompts me to reconnect server by server. This takes ages.

I think it would be much faster to manually reconnect. Sometimes I just have to import a short XML with just a few clips (like when editorial sends a short sequence with a few new clips, for instance). But I still have to go through the long DaVinci reconnection process.

I would like to shorten this process and bring in an XML without DaVinci reconnecting to anything. I could do this by reconnecting to an empty folder, and then when I'm prompted to "Do you want to select another folder to search?" I can decline. Then the XML/Timeline shows up, which is great. Except as far as I know. DaVinci won't allow me to reconnect these clips, or create new master clips for each clip in the timeline. Yikes.

Is there a way to bring in the XML without being forced to reconnect drive-by-drive?
Once the XML/Timeline is in DaVinci, can I create new master clips?
Then I could reconnect the old fashioned way. I know that if I reconnect one clip, it'll find other clips in that same folder, so this wouldn't take forever.

***I know I could solve this by bringing the original footage into DaVinci, but 400TB is too much. :?

I'm working in DaVinci 18.6.0 on a Mac Studio - Sonoma 14.1.1