Off Speed Recording Fix??? HELP!!!

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Off Speed Recording Fix??? HELP!!!

PostThu Dec 07, 2023 10:13 pm

I recently shot a bunch of raw footage on the PCC6k and as it turns out I may have hit the Achilles Heal of all time. (Blackmagicdesign, Why did you make a hot button for OSR where it can so easily be bumped?????)
At any rate, we were shooting in Raw, 4k, and 60FPS and NOT using Off-Speed Recording and editing in a 30FPS timeline. I get home from the trip and ingest all the footage only to discover that an entire day's shooting WITH SOUND is severely out of sync. I did some digging and that is where I discovered the HFR button. WHY?!?!?! Now we checked the settings and the off-speed recording is set to 50 fps. How do I fix this? I have seen suggestions of speeding up and slowing down the clip, but nothing works. I mean it's soooo far out of sync that it's not even funny, like miles out. I get the beginning sync'd and within seconds it's super off again. In just 6 seconds, the video is roughly 15 frames out, roughly. I am horrible at math and I am hoping someone actually has an answer. It just doesn't seem like it fits though, even if I did hit the HFR button the 60to50 off-speed recording shouldn't put my audio that far out of sync right? The other strange thing is that both the audio and video are the same length. I was under the impression that if you did do actual off-speed recording the audio would reduce proportionately to that framerate difference. This amount does not seem proportional. Someone help me because I'm dying here trying to figure this all out.


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Re: Off Speed Recording Fix??? HELP!!!

PostSun Dec 10, 2023 4:09 pm

Right click, Clip Attributes, then change frame rate to whatever the off speed was. The audio file is always maintained (not stretched). Doing the above will make everything match again.

To change them all at once, select all the files in the media pool at the same time, and make the attributes change.

To have a second instance in the media pool, that maintains the offspeed ALREADY conformed to the project frame rate, assuming the timeline setting match the main frame rate set within the camera (which is the whole purpose of HFR button and why I love it for faster post-production work when purposefully working with slow-motion, for example), alt-drag all media into a different folder, THEN go back to the first batch and make the attributes change.

Now with these two instances that pull from the same source media, it's an easy "reconform from bins" command to switch between slow and fast, and no need for adjusting speed in the inspector, unless you want some kind of ramp. In that case, you now have the choice to ramp FROM offspeed or FROM normal, depending which instance you have active.

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