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Missing BRAW

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2024 5:39 pm
by mfitzer
I am filming in 6K BRAW and editing in Premiere Pro 2024. I opened up one of my projects this morning and found sever clips (which I had just been working with a few days before) completely gone. The BRAW icon is still in the folder but there is a zero KB next to it. What's more, some of the clips I shot are still there. I never changed settings or even camera position!

I started checking other recent projects and found some of those clips were disappearing as well.

I uninstalled BRAW and reinstalled (twice) restared the project and computer several times, and still, the same problem.

On the timeline, when I click on the missing media, the RED changes color so I know something is still there but I just can't seem to get files to read and connect.

Please help!