DV (720x480) bug(s)

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DV (720x480) bug(s)

PostWed Oct 31, 2012 12:08 am

I just wanted to let you know that there's a bug related to the importing of 720x480 projects via XML, and in fact the handling of 720x480 material in general.

If I create a standard DV 720x480 29.97 project in FCP and export XML, upon importing, Resolve wants to interpret this as 480p and sets the timeline frame rate to 24. I can, of course, change the frame rate back to 29.97, but this would seem to negate the advantage of Resolve's "Automatically Set Project Settings" feature and reduces the user's confidence that settings are correct.

Additionally, setting a timeline to 720x480 locks the timeline into a square pixels aspect ratio (grays out the buttons for alternative PARs.) This makes no sense, as 720x480 video NEVER (in my experience) uses square pixels. Again, I can go to the media pool, choose my clips and change their pixel aspect ratios, but it feels like a workaround, not a solid, logical implementation.

I know DV is old technology, but those of us who frequently do work with documentary filmmakers (many of whom are finishing long-term projects that were started before HD!) do have to still deal with the format.

Apart from this, the new Resolve is fantastic! Thanks for your hard work.

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