Mountain Lion/Quicktime 7/UltraStudio 3D

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Mountain Lion/Quicktime 7/UltraStudio 3D

PostSun Nov 18, 2012 11:25 pm


I currently cannot get anything but black video from an UltraStudio 3D using proprietary software. The Matrox MX02 had similar problems until Matrox released a new Mountain Lion/Quicktime 7 driver two weeks ago, and its now working perfectly.


I'm working with proprietary software that uses the Quicktime 7 video capture interfaces. For hardware, I am using Thunderbolt and the solid state drive in a new MacBook Pro (running Mountain Lion). Matrox just released their first Mountain Lion/Quicktime 7 driver two weeks ago, and it works perfectly. I can record raw 1280x720 at 50 fps directly to the MacBook drive from a Matrox MX02. However, a client wants to use the Black Magic Ultra Studio 3D, so I have one here to work with. I keep trying the new software releases as they've come out from Black Magic, the latest is 9.6.8. Here is what I see in 9.6.8:

In the proprietary application, I actually see all the video interfaces of the UltraStudio properly discovered using the QT 7 API, which includes "Black Magic HD 720" family, the "Black Magic HD 1080" family, and the "Black Magic 2K" family. However, all choices produce black video frames at a high frame rate. My video source is high definition video over HDMI, the same setup I tested the Matrox with. I've specified HDMI input in the Black Magic Control Panel in the System preferences.

Before Matrox released the Mountain Lion/Quicktime 7 driver, I was able to call Matrox support directly and they knew exactly what I needed and knew exactly when it would be released. It worked as advertised on release. Does anyone know the status of the Black Magic Ultra Studio 3D in terms of providing Mountain Lion/Quicktime 7 support ? Is it currently supposed to work ? Or is it currently a known limitation ? I plan to call support this coming week, but figured I'd post here first. Any help is much appreciated.

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