Intensity Pro: Odd TV output

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Piet Hoving

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Intensity Pro: Odd TV output

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 1:31 pm

I use the Blackmagic Intensity Pro not only for capturing, but also for output to a standard wide-screen TV (PAL; 25 fps) to check the quality of the video while editing.

For editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

When setting the sequence properties in Premiere to Blackmagic HD1080 (1920x1080: Motion-JPEG Interlaced 50i; pixelratio 1.0), I get a good picture on the TV.

However, when I set the sequence properties to SD at 720x576 (PAL; Motion-JPEG; 16x9; pixelratio 1.4587) the video on the TV is odd: about 1/3 shifted to the left.

Has anyone seen this phenomena before? Is there a solution to solve this?

My system configuration is as follows:
Motherboard Asus P8 Z68-V Pro
Intel processor Core i7-2600 LGA1155
Asus GeForce GTX570 graphic card
Blackmagicdesign Intensity Pro with driver 9.5.3
Windows 7 64bit with SP1
Adobe Production Premium CS6

Kind regards,
Pete Hoving

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