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Decklink Quad channel numbering

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:13 am
by Roland Horak
I want to use 1 or 2 decklink quad cards in a big 12core mac pro to capture multiple channels SD.
ScopeBox from Divergent Media does that very fine BUT there seems to be a big problem on the numbering order of the multiple channels of the quad card in the BM Decklink driver itself.

Every time I power up the MacPro or reboot the machine (10.8) the order of the video channels in completely different. Even in the Blackmagic Media Express program! and also with "only" 1 quad card installed.

e.g. So lets say video1 is wired up to input1 of the card (closest input to mainboard). As I open Media Express I see under device all my 4 Blackmagic Decklink "cards". as "DeckLink SDI (1), DeckLink SDI (2)...
this time I can find my electrical input1 on DeckLink SDI (3). When I reboot the machine I can find it next time maybe on another channel of the driver eg. DeckLink SDI (2) (still being wired up to input1!).

My Capture Software always gets the exact same input to channel order as the Decklink Media Express.
At this alway changes when rebooting or powering up the machine... So it must be a BM driver thing (which happens at least on both DL 9.6.4 and latest 9.6.8).

Is there a way or workaround to (manually) rename the devices which show up in Decklink control panel or manually assign them on a like hardware mac address to its device name?

This would be very important! It's always a channel guessing "what comes in where" after powering up the machine.

Roland Horak