H.264 slow render

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H.264 slow render

PostSat Dec 01, 2012 10:50 pm

Hello all. I would like to understand what is bottlenecking my render speed on this project. I think it should be going much faster. My system: Mac Pro 2x 2.4GHz quad-core Xeon; 32GB memory; GTX570 2.5GB; software RAID 0 scratch drive; Decklink SDI; OS X 10.8.2; Resolve 9.0.3 lite.

Source clips are H.264 1080p30, rendering to Prores 422. The render averages about 25fps. Looking in Activity Monitor, I see the disk activity never goes above 15MBps. CPU usage never goes over 520% for DaVinci, and 137% for QTDecoder (only one instance of that). I have tons of free RAM. Source and destination are both on the same RAID, but that benchmarks at 190MB/s read and write.

The way Activity Monitor displays on this system, a process could use up to 1600% CPU. So what is the bottleneck in this situation?
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