phanton miro 320 calibration issue

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phanton miro 320 calibration issue

PostMon Dec 03, 2012 3:19 pm

Hi there!
I am trying to implement DRL v9.04 in order to be able to work with Phantom miro 320 .cine files; our issue has to do with the calibration of these files; while some of them are showed in da vinci well calibrated, other are showed with greenish overexposed (yes, contrary what it`s used to happen working with raw material) ook which is quite difficult to correct...
Is it not possible to drop into the raw control and set the white balance, exposure even hue? In this version, although I can change raw settings in the project settings, any visible changes are noticeable in viewer, neither is possible to change anything
On the other side, camera settings are the same, with no diferences in video settings (same brightness, same pedestal, same saturation...) and no EDR activated.
Just one thing, the cinemags were brought over finder via mac, we don`t use the PPC application from Vision Research.
Shooting is gonna take place in a few days, so, please, I will be very grateful if you have any clue about what`s is being done wrong in camera settings or haw can be solve this problem with the calibration of the .cine raw files.
Thnks very much in advance.

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