Feature requests and bugs in 9.03

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Feature requests and bugs in 9.03

PostTue Aug 28, 2012 2:07 pm

The new resolve is looking great! Render times that were normally 24fps, are now going at 40fps.. i don't know how you did it, but it rocks!

Some requests for better functionality on a few features that were missing or changed:

1. In media bin, > Clip attributes > allow for interpret clip at 16 or 18fps. (or custom fps).
2. speed change option, now in %, needs to have the option to choose specific frame rates not just arbitrary % speeds.
3. Resizing of scopes, I run 2 up, vector and parade, and previously I could resize them to fill my secondary monitor.. very useful, now I am unable to resize... frustrating and difficult to monitor fine details - which is the most important thing when grading!
4. support for debayering cineform RAW files. I have to fake the debayer by using the sharpening tool, but it sharpens the sensor noise, rather than a cleaner debayer sharpening.. please add support for the cineform RAW codec!
5. allowing for a way to stabilize shots across scene cuts. I'm stabilizing some 16mm footage off the sprocket hole, and there are many cuts. I scene detect the clip, then put it into the timeline. Then I stabilize, but have to do each clip individually, which is time consuming. Need to be able to do all the shots at once, stabilizing off the sprocket hole.

Great work on the new version.. been looking forward to it for sometime!

Please let me know if these can be implemented in the next beta..


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