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I am confused by the naming/numbering of rendered clips

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:00 am
by Michael Holmes
I am doing an XML round-trip between FCP X and Resolve Lite 9.
I am now trying (unsuccessfully so far) to render all clips at once.............I have asked for help in a separate thread.

I have successfully rendered some clips and I was surprised with the naming system.

I have selected:
- Commercial Workflow (to get all versions rendered at once)
- "Use Source Filename"
- "Render each Clip with a Unique Filename".

I rendered the 2nd clip, and the resulting rendered clips (2 versions) were placed in a folder with the name:
What is this number?

Inside this folder was this rendered clip, which I found is Version 1:

Also inside the folder was another folder entitled "Version 2" (I inadvertently selected "Place clips in separate folders".....I will un-check this). Inside this folder was this rendered clip:

The name is identical to Version 1 of this clip, although it is in fact Version 2. I expected to see V2 in the name. Why does it not give Version 2 a unique ID so I can recognize it as Version 2? Will the XML data give the versions different names in FCP X?