Ultrastudio 4k outputs 1080 but not 4k

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Andrew Schrader

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Ultrastudio 4k outputs 1080 but not 4k

PostFri Jul 28, 2017 9:00 am

Hi All,

I'm on a trashcan mac and I'm using media composer 8x, and outputting over hdmi. The box seems to work fine as long as I'm outputting 1080. I have a 4k tv as a new client monitor, and I've set the control panel to 4k output. Tried all variants of said. New drivers. When sending 4k video from avid, no signal comes out the other side.

See, I know that avid is sending 4k to the box just fine because it shows up on the mini lcd, so I have to assume the problem is there or with bm software control. When i leave the bm software in 4k output, and change my avid output to 1080, the images suddenly displays fine. This tells me that the box is somehow stuck in 1080 mode, since we know it won't down convert 4k to 1080. When i switch bm control to PAL (which shouldn't work), it still displays just fine and presumably still in 1080.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? If not, I'd settle for pointers on how to update the firmware as my next step. Website less than helpful in this regard.


Tony Rivera

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Ultrastudio 4k outputs 1080 but not 4k

PostFri Jul 28, 2017 6:12 pm

In the quick test done here with Media Express and UHD content, there was no problem passing the signal out the HDMI port. Are you trying to output 4K DCI at 60? If so, this product does not support that format. You may want to double check the cabling supports the formats if it is UHD content and also confirm it's the format supported for the HDMI output of the device by viewing the tech spec page.
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Tony Duenez

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Re: Ultrastudio 4k outputs 1080 but not 4k

PostThu Aug 03, 2017 10:39 pm

I'm having the same issue. I was able to monitor FCPX, After Effects, and MOTU Digital Performer in UHD 23.976 before, but now I just get a black screen. When I set the control panel to 1080p I get signal. Like Andrew, I see the picture in the lcd, just not on my monitor. I'm also using a 2013 "trashcan" Mac Pro, monitoring through HDMI. However, unlike Andrew, I thought the reason was the firmware update, but since he hadn't updated the firmware update and I had, maybe its just this version of Desktop Video. I'm gonna try to go back to an earlier version.

This morning I realized my 4k TV had auto-updated its firmware at about the same time I had updated all my BM firmware/software, and had reset its HDMI input settings. I set it back to "enhanced" and tried it again. Still nothing. I physically unplugged power, thunderbolt and HDMI cables from the Ultrastudio, re-plugged it in, and ... SUCCESS! I'm getting UHD in Final Cut and After Effects! (Haven't tried DP yet) again! Even better, After Effects 1080p compositions are no longer looking pixelated and interlaced! Thanks guys!


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Re: Ultrastudio 4k outputs 1080 but not 4k

PostWed May 20, 2020 2:09 pm

Anyone able to work out how to get the BMC6k to send at least a 4K video signal via HDMI to the BM Ultrastudio 4K Mini? I can only get 1080p24. BM Media Express also...

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