Multibridge or FCP help

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Multibridge or FCP help

PostWed Aug 22, 2012 12:49 pm

Hi All

Great to see this forum up and running. I'm a long time FCP and Blackmagic user and am happy to help when I can if you have questions about FCP or Multibridge products. I have been using FCP7 for over 10 years, and am starting to make use of FCPX as well (although not professionally yet) and DaVinci (although there are probably people far more qualified than me to advise you on the latter).

Happy to be putting something back into BM - and please note, although I've done the odd bit of 'PR' for BM over the years (see my signature) I do this because I was asked, and because I like their products - I don't work for them, and have never accepted money or product in return for doing it.

Ben Holmes
Outside Broadcast Edit Specialist / VT Supervisor

(PS - All views are my own - I use BM only products because I like them!)

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