BRAW Workflow when using Adobe Team Projects

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Craig Sawyer

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BRAW Workflow when using Adobe Team Projects

PostFri Sep 14, 2018 6:10 pm

Interested if anyone is in a similar situation as our studio. We have 4 edit bays in the studio, connected to a Promax server over a 10gb Ethernet connection. As much as I hate how buggy it is, we are locked in with Premiere due to the Team Projects feature. For those that don’t know, it means multiple users can work on the same project at the same time, pushing / pulling changes etc. Possibly the best thing about it is it doesn’t need all work stations to be on the same local network and uses Adobe Cloud for the project files. I work away from the studio all the time, I have a little G-Tech SSD loaded with Premiere generated proxies so I can work on edits wherever I am in the world, and push and pull updates with the team in the office, they can online my edits etc.

Our current workflow is this:
- Copy media from shoot to Server
- Set Up new Adobe Team Project and import media
- Generate proxies on import to a seperate folder so anyone can work remotely by copying these
- Users edit in Premiere anywhere
- Export XML to Resolve for final grade

With BRAW, I am guessing this is the best / only workflow?
- Copy media to server
- Set Up Project in Resolve
- create proxies of BRAW files in Resolve
- Set Up Adobe Team Project for editing anywhere and import Resolve generated proxies
- edit
- Export XML in Premiere to send back to resolve for onlining with BRAW files

I would love to do more of the editing in Resolve, but as I understand it this will only work if you are on the same network (all edit bays are Studio licences).

Anyone see any flaws with this or a better workflow?

Sorry for the rambling!

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Matt Sharp

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Re: BRAW Workflow when using Adobe Team Projects

PostFri Sep 14, 2018 7:09 pm

Hi Craig,

I maybe be doing it wrong, but below are my thoughts.

I have a similar workflow to you, with multiple premiere editors, but grading in Resolve. You may need to add another step in there if you're shooting above UHD though.

Rendering h264s as proxies(I'm assuming) limit your size to UHD, and can cause sizing issues in Premiere. Since the original footage can't be read by premiere, then you'd have to import the proxies and premiere will always associate their size to that resolution in the motion tab. It'll scale and throw off any clips that have been resized.

The additional steps would be to render say DNx full resolution (assuming 4.6k) "Premiere Editing Files" instead of proxies out of premiere, then import those into premiere and generate say 720p or lower proxies, then share with the team as usual.

Keep the "Premiere Editing Files" file names the same as the originals so that when you import the xml it'll all match up. You'd make sure to check the box for ignore file extensions during XML import, and point to the BRAW folder.

I hope that since Blackmagic is making the codec SDK kit, that Adobe will integrate their new codec into the adobe suite some time soon, and eliminate the extra steps. (not holding my breath though)

Hopefully that makes sense, and feel free to tell me it's a silly work around. My editors love the motion tab, so I had to come up with something to keep my sanity.

Craig Sawyer

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Re: BRAW Workflow when using Adobe Team Projects

PostFri Sep 14, 2018 8:51 pm

Thanks Matt and that is a very good point on image dimensions and any resizing thereafter in Premiere. Think you are right, at the moment until Adobe (hopefully) integrate BRAW it’s probably the most logical way. Now the ideal solution would be BM find a way to make Resolve collaboration work remote too, then we can ditch Premiere altogether, save time and hassle on round tripping and reduce the amount of daily system restarts!
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Re: BRAW Workflow when using Adobe Team Projects

PostThu Jan 31, 2019 1:23 pm


We have a new plugin for .BRAW import in PPro check it out ( Not sure if using Team Projects feature makes our plugin not usable, if it does please contact us !

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