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incorporating Reason/Fairlight into a Pro Tools studio

PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:16 pm
by kingtor
Hi. I've been working in Pro Tools since v 4.3.1 (and the WaveFrame before that) and often dreamed of the Fairlight systems. Now I finally have one within reach and I'm excited, but want to make sure I understand the implications before I jump in. My partner and I currently are working in a Pro Tools environment, each editing, recording and premixing sound on our own rigs and then coming together on the mix stage. We currently run a 3-workstation mix stage:

1. dialog on Pro Tools 12 via MBox Pro interface
2. sound effects on Pro Tools 12 HD via Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 interface
3. music and rerecording tracks on Pro Tools 9 HD on HD|Accel 192 I/O with Sync I/O

All devices are getting clock from the Sync I/O. The dialog computer sends MTC to the effects station and LTC (from an audio track using an analog audio output) to the music/rerecording rig.

We also have Euphonix Artist controllers which work on all 3 rigs (and can be switched between them, albeit not too elegantly).

For starters, I'd like to run the dialog from Reason/Fairlight. Would I be able to do that within this setup or would I need additional hardware?