Make Slip and Slide Separate Icons

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Make Slip and Slide Separate Icons

PostWed Jun 20, 2018 8:05 pm

Given all the room in the toolbar area, please just make slip and slide individual icons instead of the drop down menu. Drop downs make sense when there are a lot of options, or maybe you are placing tool prefs there. In this case though it seems less than discoverable to hide the toggle between these to modes this way.

also FWIW I'm finding this new set of editing modes a bit confusing and often requiring 2 clicks to set the tool correctly when one worked in the past. I'd be happy to see Command change the tool from trim to ripple + trim rather than having to flip the tool mode. While I'm not a huge fan of mod keys, this behavior has been used in enough NLE's that its worth adding. then you don't have to flip tool modes at all.


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