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Render codecs & CPU & GPU usage

PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:43 am
by Paul Draper
Interesting, I found very different use of CPU resources when rendering cache or optimised media in the codecs provided by Resolve studio 16b6. 2 x Xeon 12 core 3.0Ghz E5-2687W v4; EVGA RTX 2080Ti Black.

Win performance monitor shows:

Cineform: only 12 of the 24 CPU cores working hard; GPU 3D around 30%
Uncompressed: as above.
DNxHR HQ: all 24 cores working at max, GPU 3D around 40%

Consequently it takes around half the time to render - I know what codec I'll be using (!), still, it seems a bit odd.

(Deliver uses all cores & around 40% GPU. Memory is nowhere near saturated with 64GB ram).