Jog Loop, Auto Scroll in Non-fixed Head Mode Issue

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Jog Loop, Auto Scroll in Non-fixed Head Mode Issue

PostTue Sep 29, 2020 4:28 pm

Loop Job is a brilliant tool for matching dialogue timing. To me it has a very frustrating problem:

In timeline non-fixed head mode, when you scrub up to either end of the timeline auto timeline scroll occurs as in Non Loop Jog mode, however it runs at about 4 x play speed whereupon I immediately loose the timeline position that I was working on, and the speed it runs at is usless for assessing audio. When you have a couple of hours of tracks to edit and match as I do every week, and you loose your place multiple times it is most frustrating. My RSI has come back owing to holding the mouse too tightly trying to control this.

Please can its behaviour be modified. I suggest it scrolls at play speed in this mode so this can be used to controllably move the play head, and perhaps reduce the timeline jump from 75% to more like 50% as one so often is editing at the ends of the timeline, which is hard when it keeps jumping backwards and forwards. If the issue is at the edge of the timeline window find that I have to try and get the play head near centre when editing which involves moving the mouse to the scroll bar or letting go to use the left or right keys to reposition. Play speed scrolling would ease and speed up the process greatly. Ususally have about 4 seconds of timeline exposed.

This scrolling doesn't happen in fixed head mode but I find very hard to see issues from the envelope as it blurs when scrolling across and it is much heavier on the mouse hand. Non-fixed head seems to be much the fastest way to work.

Have I missed something or can this be taken as a suggestion to be incorporated. Even if it is a switch in User preferences ( along with the current Loop Jog Window width ) ?

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