Deselect Nodes in Fusion Spline View

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Deselect Nodes in Fusion Spline View

PostThu Jun 23, 2022 4:42 pm

A button or keystroke that could deselect all enabled nodes in the spline view would be very helpful. At times, when importing a ".setting" file, or just when there are a great number of enabled nodes are selected, a great deal of wasted motion goes into deselecting those being imported. It could also be useful to be able to select all nodes and well as to be able to deselect all nodes. If there is such a utility, it would be greatly appreciated to know where it is. Thanks.

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Re: Deselect Nodes in Fusion Spline View

PostThu Jun 23, 2022 5:58 pm

I know you can choose Select All Tools and Deselect All Tools under the 3 dots menu in the Spline Editor. I don't think there is a keystroke combo for it though.
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