Transcription support (Digital Anarchy cant support Resolve)

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Transcription support (Digital Anarchy cant support Resolve)

PostFri Nov 08, 2019 7:41 pm

In my ongoing adventures in eating-my-own-dogfood when it comes to advocating for our offline editorial to consider switching to Resolve as their NLE (which is a completely self-serving desire, as I am our facility's "roundtrip"-hating, "conform"-despising finishing editor and colorist), so far the biggest dealbreaker has been the apparent inability for Resolve to handle any sort of transcription support, either natively or via XML import.

We currently use Digital Anarchy's "Transcriptive" product with Premiere, and our main editor absolutely loves it. When I asked Digital Anarchy if there were any plans to support Resolve, Phil Hodgetts--who many people know as one of the most vocal proponents of post-production metadata, and developer of many metadata based logging and workflow tools--chimed in and basically said it was currently impossible for there to be any elegant or integrated transcription solution in Resolve in its current state.


Digital Anarchy also followed up to bear the bad news that Resolve support is not happening on their end, because there is no real infrastructure in Resolve for them to build such a tool upon. Adobe's HTML based CEP extensibility system allows them to build a really good, integrated app experience for Premiere editors, which was probably one of the best things Adobe did for their CC product line. This also probably explains why there is no native Transcriptive support for FCP-X and Avid.

Obviously Resolve has no such infrastructure other than the possibilities within the scripting API. But I'm guessing that the API is nowhere near full featured enough to allow for an app like Transcriptive as an integrated part of Resolve.

So I suppose this is a three-part feature request:

1. Add some sort of support for "Neural Engine" based transcription, right within the Resolve interface.

2. Beef up Resolve's metadata support, which is very lacking, and precludes 3rd parties from implementing even the most hack-ey "solutions" for getting transcription metadata into Resolve, let alone actually building an elegant, integrated experience seen in tools like Transcriptive for Premiere.

3. Implement an extensibility platform that would allow 3rd parties to extend and enhance Resolve's capabilities with integrated apps and/or scripts with GUIs, much like Premiere's CEP panels, and AE's jsx scripting interface. Fusion does have custom GUI support for scripts via the Fusion UI Manager library, but it would be great if a similar library could be implemented for Resolve as a whole, so 3rd parties can start building additional functionality into all areas of Resolve

I understand #3 is a monumental task that won't/can't happen overnight, but it's probably necessary in order to make it appealing for people to switch to Resolve, and at the very least, it would make it possible for developers like Digital Anarchy to consider porting their Premiere tools over to Resolve.
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Re: Transcription support (Digital Anarchy CANT support Reso

PostSun Nov 17, 2019 10:38 pm

Good Feature request! I'd like it too!
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Re: Transcription support (Digital Anarchy can' support Reso

PostMon Nov 18, 2019 12:55 pm

Regarding the Fusion UI Manager, it can also be used in Resolve. But of course, it's undocumented except for the efforts by the Fusion community.

resolve_script_gui.png (17.24 KiB) Viewed 168 times

I agree it would be great if they could extend the Resolve scripting capabilities in general to a level similar to Fusion.

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