Feature requests (and one bug)

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Ken Wald

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Feature requests (and one bug)

PostTue Nov 19, 2019 11:52 pm

This is based on using 16.1.1 on Windows.

- Make gallery album names be editable upon creation (like when creating an bin in the Media and Edit pages), without having to double-click the name first.

- Ability to drag and reorder the list of gallery albums

- Ability to copy stills to/between power grade albums without stills being automatically removed from source album

- Ability to set keyframes in Edit Sizing while in the color page.

- ‎Make the "Playback -> Play Around/To" options available in Color page

- The ability to toggle "View -> Display Broadcast Safe Exceptions" on/off in the Edit Page. The effect is enabled in the Edit Page (when previously turned on from the Color page), and I would like to be able to turn it on/off there too.

- Key input/output on compound nodes. Automate the process of having to decompose a compound node, connect the key inputs/outputs and then compounding them again.

- "Alt" modifier for finer manipulation control of curves and blur radius when using mouse/pen

- Retain current softness settings when converting a power window to bezier.

- The option to have blanking settings on a local, per-shot basis

- A way to copy parameters from one keyframe to another on the same node, within a single clip.

- Undo functionality on Camera Raw parameter changes in the Color page

- Undo functionality on the Edit Sizing parameters on the Color page

- Please bring back the "Duplicate Timeline" function to the sequence contextual menu

- A way to minimize rendering when working with multiple versions. If I'm working with multiple versions of a spot, say a :60, as well as a :30 and a :15 that are largely cut-downs of the :60, but each has one, unique additional shot. I'd like to have a rendering workflow that is able to determine the shots that are common to all versions and render those only once with appropriate heads and tails to cover all versions (say for one shot the :30 uses a few frame more at the heads and the :60 uses a few more frames at the tails). In addition, make either a single XML that creates all versions for the editor or an XML for each version when using a render preset such as Premiere XML. Bonus points if you can this *and* have it work across multiple timeline formats and aspect ratios, as I'm finding myself increasingly working on projects that deliver at 1920x1080, 1080x1920, 1080x1080, etc.

- Better management of cached nodes. Something I frequently do as part of my workflow is use the first node for a basic color balance as well as NR, and then I cache it to maintain real time playback. Later, if I redo an operation on a downstream node, node 1 has to re-cache. Why is that? Additionally, using this same workflow, node 1 has to re-cache when creating a new version. Couldn't the new version point to the existing cached media, unless, of course, changes are made to the cached node?

This is more of a bug than a feature request:

- "Show current clip with handles" doesn't show heads on first shot if it's at the very beginning of a timeline. I have to select the entire timeline and drag it right to create a gap large enough to accommodate the handles I'm trying to view.

Tom Early

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Re: Feature requests (and one bug)

PostWed Nov 20, 2019 12:09 am

Ken Wald wrote:- The option to have blanking settings on a local, per-shot basis

You can already do this in the Output Sizing tab
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Ken Wald

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Re: Feature requests (and one bug)

PostWed Nov 20, 2019 1:15 am

Thank you for pointing that out, and shame on me for not digging in to the Output Sizing settings to find "Show Blanking Clip Override."

New request: Please add mention of "Show Blanking Clip Override" to the manual. I'm able to find it in there.

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