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Feature Request in the media pool: replace several clips

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:30 pm
by gdelormeraie
Hello everybody.

This message is both a bug report and a feature request. I apologize if I am not following some guidelines: I can recreate the tickets if you wish.

I currently use a MacBook Pro (from mid 2015) with Core i7 2.2Ghz - 16Gb RAM - Integrated Intel GPU.

I know the GPU is not recommended at all with Resolve, but it works anyway. Exports are slow, but it's ok.

My problem is that I cannot use the Tracking > Stabilizer feature with 4K footage (either BRAW of ProRes), because it makes the software crashes.

If I use "Perspective", the stabilizer does not work, and then the image is frozen in all clips viewers until I restart Resolve. If I use "Similarity" or "Translation", the software simply crashes. I can provide the logs if you wish.

I have found a workaround for my projects. I first downscale my footage to ProRes Full HD, then I use the Stabilizer, and then I replace my clip with the original 4K BRAW footage. It works great, except that I need to replace manually the concerned clips instead of doing it by batches, which is very annoying.

So I am currently blocked. If I give up using BRAW, I can easily replace my downscaled ProRes files with my original 4K ProRes (with the same extension .mov) thanks to the "Change Source Folder" feature (by putting my original files and the downscaled ones in 2 different folders). But it's a shame that I cannot use the BRAW ability of my camera.

I have also looked at the Python API quickly, to be able to replace automatically my transcoded files by the original ones, but I don't think it's doable.

So I'm kindly asking you if you could offer the ability, in the Media Pool, to select several clips, to click "Replace Selected Clips" and to be able to chose files that have the same name than the originals but the extension.

I've also tried to delete all my media from the Media Pool, then reimport them with "Timelines > Import Additional Clips With Loose Filename Match" but it did not work well neither. When I went back to the timeline, DaVinci was still showing me the original footages. And this solution is not very great since I would lose my media information.

Thank you for you attention. I hope some Resolve persons could help me.

Have a great day.


Re: Feature Request in the media pool: replace several clips

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:22 pm
by Kenzo
Use Reconform for this.

Re: Feature Request in the media pool: replace several clips

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:02 pm
by gdelormeraie
Thank you Kenzo.

Manual chapter 47, Using the "Reconform From Bins" Command. I was expecting this in the "Media Pool" tab, but instead it's inside a timeline, after having selected clips and disabmled "Conform Lock". Works like a charm :)

That may be complicated if I embed timelines inside timelines, but I guess I can deal with it.