[ . ] [ _ ] at the end of a filename

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[ . ] [ _ ] at the end of a filename

PostSat Jan 25, 2020 7:16 pm

in now more than twenty years dealing with file sequences, i almost invariably send or received sequences that have a simple structure:


resolve, if not instruct to do so, does not add a period at the end of a name in export, meaning that you have to add a period in your name and you cannot simply say "use timeline name".

simply enought, use the [file suffix] tab and put a dot there, right? Wrong, it will do:

name[pad][file suffix].extention

so the name will be:


1) add a checkbox that allow us to add a dot between the name and the padding
2) i don't really know the logic behind it, but the suffix should go after the name, before the padding, not after the padding (that breaks the file sequence in some software. BTW)

I know I asked about this years ago.... I try again... (just because i exported a full project and I'm doing again because it got rejected...)
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