Unresponsive UI for 5sec when jumping in and out Resolve

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Unresponsive UI for 5sec when jumping in and out Resolve

PostFri May 24, 2024 10:03 am

When switching from the Resolve beta UI to Windows UI and then back again, there is now always a delay of up to five seconds during which the Resolve interface becomes unresponsive. In my case, I need to stop my work and answer many mails and chats, which means I lose a few seconds every time I return to Resolve. There are also many copy-paste operations where, for example, I need to create a windows folder that matches a timeline name. Because I perform many of these operations in succession, it can make the work quite sluggish. I believe it used to be much smoother in older Versions. I hope that once the program is out of the beta version, these micro delays will no longer occur.
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